Easy Pork Recipes

Sometimes we just want a quick meal, and don’t have the time or energy after a long day to start making a complex, Gordon Ramsay style dish. But, that doesn’t mean that our meal has to be bland, microwaved or boring! Check out these easy and delicious recipes perfect for when you’re short on time.

Thai Spicy & Sweet Pork Fillets

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A little taste of Thailand, these are super yummy and easy to prepare. Pork tenderloins roasted in the oven with a sweet, sticky and slightly spicy peanut orange glaze. This is definitely a great recipe not only for any random night, but also to serve to guests. They’ll think you slaved all day on this one, don’t worry it’s our little secret!

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Chili Pork Fillets with Apricot Glaze

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Sweet and spicy, these are a fabulous taste of the southwest. Pork tenderloins are both rubbed in a chili spice rub and then glazed as they cook to perfection on the grill. Crispy on the outside and juicy throughout, these are sure to be a hit. Whether it’s a gathering with friends or just a mid week dinner with your family, these are an easy crowd pleaser for sure.

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Easy Fiesta Chilli

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This one has a lot of ingredients, but is a snap to prepare. A perfect dish for a cold or rainy day, this hearty three meat chili goes wonderfully with corn bread and green salad, or served over rice. This recipe makes a lot so try when entertaining or freeze your leftovers and have a great meal ready and waiting in the freezer.

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Tennessee Pork Salad Sandwiches

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Forget the same old chicken or tuna salad, try this one for a refreshing take on ‘salad sandwiches’. Quick and easy to make, the slightly sweet and tangy dish is sure to become one your favorite lunches. Perfect for outdoor summer lunches and great to bring to summer ‘pot luck’ style parties. You can use slider rolls or mini oven rolls to serve these as appetizers too.

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Deandra’s Easy “Secret” Pulled Pork

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Here’s a southern recipe that’s been passed down to one of our contributors from her family in Kentucky. What’s the secret? It’s root beer, and before you think ‘Root beer and pork?!’ The root beer actually tenderizes and slightly sweets the pork, simply perfect for barbecued pork! If you like barbecue, you need to give this one a try.

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Easy Greek Pork Kebabs

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If you like authentic Greek flavor that’s not only easy, but you can make in a hurry, this one’s definitely for you. Super easy to make, these scrumptious grilled Kebabs are perfect for a summer dinner out on the lawn, or as a mid week ‘pick up’ from your boring work night meals.

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Easy Kalamata Pork Fillets

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This recipe is both easy and fantastic! It a great crowd pleaser and perfect for having guests over for dinner. And the best part is, they’ll probably think you spent all day in the kitchen, but that’s our little secret.

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Easy Herbed Crusted Pork Fillet

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Here’s a yummy recipe that a southern friend once gave me for herb crusted tenderloin. Cooked correctly, this dish comes out nice and juicy throughout, and the fresh rosemary on the top is an extra treat. When you’re looking for a mid week change of pace, try this dish with a light salad and some rice pilaf.

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Pork Fillet Alla Napoli

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This is a wonderful pork recipe from Napoli, Italy. Pork fillets are beautifully seared and cooked in a delicious sauce of fresh tomatoes, olives and rosemary. Serve over and type of pasta you like, or in bowls with bread to mop of the flavorful sauce, trust us, you’ll want to!

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Authentic and Rustic Greek Souvlaki

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Souvlaki is a traditional Greek dish, tender cuts of pork marinated and then grilled to perfection, these have got a wonderful rustic flavor. Not only is this recipe authentic and tasty, it’s quite quick and easy. Give it a go and you just might see why some many people are addicted to the many flavors of the Greek Isles.

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