French Pork Recipes

French cuisine is legendary. It’s French who actually created cuisine as we know it, as nearly every culinary term originated in France. The French are renowned for their unparalleled sensibility for both flavors and ingredients used with precision. Go ahead a try some French cooking tonight, you may just surprise yourself!

Pork Stuffed with Olives & Blue Cheese

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These are simply divine, beautiful pork fillet rolls smothered in a delicious sauce made with white wine and Dijon mustard. Whether you already love French cuisine, or are just interested at trying your hand at French Cookery, you really should check this recipe out! Serve with asparagus and a light salad and enjoy.

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Pork Porcini de Provence

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If you love porcini mushrooms as much as I do, then this one’s a sure fire winner. Porcini’s in a cognac cream sauce over lovely slices of pork fillet. This is a great date recipe (you’ll blow them away if it’s a first date!), as well as wonderful for entertaining friends. And best of all, while there’s some chopping involved, it’s really not that hard to make either.

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Délicieux Pork Diane

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A taste of France, made simple. This version of the classic Steak Diane was designed to be a quick and easy version of the famous French classic. If you want to bring some class to your dinner table on a Tuesday night, try this one out. Serve with mashed potatoes, French fries or even egg noodles. Also great with a simple salad or some peas.

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